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Welcome to the 
Process Over Perfection(POP) Movement

Changing the way we create with young children, one mark at a time. 

Are you looking for FREE creative play ideas for your 0-5 year-old?

"It must not be forgotten that the basic law of children's creativity is that its value lies not in its results, not in the product of creation, but in the process itself. It is not important what children create, but that they do create, that they exercise and implement their creative imagination." 

                                                - Vygotsky

My Unique Approach to Creative Play and My Personal Clean up hacks.


Sensory bin? No mess art? Holiday Craft? NOPE. In this freebie, I walk you through exactly how I create with young children, curate my supplies & have fun in the process. Being creative and playful with young children doesn't have to be perfect... Join me below and I'm going to show you how :) 

Hi, I'm Cassidy (she/her)

I help parents and educators find ways to create with young children by teaching them to follow the children's lead, make use of available resources and play with art processes. My simple and gentle approach can be applied at home, in childcare centres and in any setting that provides care for children.

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1447 Gerrard Street East 
Toronto ON M4L 1Z9

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