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How to Throw the Perfect Party for your Child

It’s party time!

Hosting a birthday party for your child(ren) can be one of the most stressful but most wonderful things ever.

We have over 15 years of experience hosting children’s birthday parties, so let us give you some tried and true notes to make this year’s event the best yet.

Hot Party Tips incoming…

1. WHERE do you want to host this party? If having the party at home stresses you out, choose another location! A local park, party venue, or community centre takes away the worries about your personal space, the prep, and the aftermath. If outdoors is an option for your birthday month, we find this to be the most rewarding for young children as they can move more freely with their bodies and their voices.

2. HOW MANY PEOPLE really need to be there? Time and again we have seen children’s birthday parties of 50+ people, most of those people being adults! But what if we pause and think about the birthday child and how they might feel on their special day… will they feel comfortable with so many people around (especially adults that they may or may not be familiar with)? Will they enjoy the experience if they are crowded, rushed, and/or over-stimulated?

We recommend no more than 14 children at a birthday party. Truth be told, the birthday child will likely interact with a small fraction of the guests on the big day. It’s an overwhelming time and they will take comfort and pride in celebrating with those closest to them.

3. WHAT does your child want to do at their party? Sometimes we can get hung up on choosing a theme for a birthday party. We might feel like we need to emanate those Pinterest parties that have matching food, napkins, décor, and more. Older children may request a theme (Frozen or Paw Patrol, anyone?) and having a theme can be a great starting point for selecting activities and games. But when we position the child at the forefront of the party planning we might realize that the child simply wants to spend time and play with their friends and family, doing things they love.

Extra Hot Tip: Read about PLAY SCHEMAS here. This is a fantastic launching point for planning party games and activities based on your child’s play behaviours and interests.

Here’s the hottest tip of them all: HAVE FUN! A Party is a party. There should be laughter, happiness, joy, and a warm-fuzzy feeling for that birthday child.

Let us put our knowledge and experience to work. Send us an email and let’s start planning together!

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