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Enjoy The Process Art School

A play-based, Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool in
the east end of Toronto. 

"Reality, as always happens in children's hands, reveals once again its infinite potential for transformation."
- Loris Malaguzzi 


Our Image of the Child

At Enjoy the Process Art School, we believe children are Capable, Curious, Intelligent and Creative.



Important Dates 

May 15, 2024: Registration opens for Summer & regular school year

July 15, 2024:  Last day to register for the 2024-25 school year

Tuition Guide

Click here to view our Tuition Guide

School Schedule

We are now accepting children 2- 5 years. Class size is 10 children max. Registered educator and child ratio- 1:5. Our school program is drop-off only. For programs with caregivers, please see studio drop-in play and create. 


Preschool Art Club ( indoor)

AM - 8:30- 11:30

PM - 2:30- 5:30 


Toddler Sensory Explorers (outdoor)



Preschool Art Club

2- 5 years 

Educator child ratio 1:5

Preschool Art Club is a DROP-OFF program focused on exposing young children to a creative environment. Children are invited to explore art materials independently and in small social settings: make decisions, push boundaries, problem-solve and self-advocate. 


At the end of the program, families will take home our art 'recipes' and new ideas to facilitate open-ended creative play at home. 

Toddler Sensory Explorers

2- 5 years 

Educator child ratio 1:5

BYO nut-free lunch until further notice

Do you have a toddler/ preschooler who loves stirring, transferring and...making a mess? Toddler Sensory Explorers will have access to open-ended & messy, schematic play, not just at the studio but mainly in the outdoors! Bring your outdoor gear and a lunch. Caregivers are welcome to join us.

School Calendar & Events​


Our Community

Parent-teacher collaboration is at the heart of our School's program! While we may know very well how the children play and interact with others within our school walls, parents certainly know best about what goes on outside. Through collaboration, we cultivate a community that supports the children, our educators and parents as a whole. 


As a parent in our preschool, there are many ways to be involved: 


1. Parent Volunteer: Each family is required to join the classroom at least once a year. You may do a special presentation about your family’s culture, read a story on your child’s birthday or join us on a field trip. 


2. Parent Group: The parent group is organized by our parents for our parents. Some activities include paint night, parent social and parenting workshops led by industry experts.


3. Annual art show & fundraiser: There will be an art show & fundraiser every school year. These events are first opened to family and friends then available to the public. 

Philanthropy Education

EPA School is actively participating in fundraisers throughout the year. At our preschool, we believe in nurturing compassionate hearts and instilling a sense of community responsibility from the earliest age. Our philanthropy program is an integral part of our community, modelling the values of kindness, empathy, and generosity to our children. Through every day experiences and discussions, we help our children see the needs of others and explore ways they can make a positive impact in other’s lives.


By engaging in acts of kindness and giving, whether through donations, art sale, or simply spreading joy, our children develop essential life skills while fostering a deeper connection to the world around them. Philanthropy education not only shapes compassionate individuals but also cultivates a brighter, more empathetic future for all.




A wonderful environment designed for imaginative and open-ended play, featuring well-considered materials. Cassidy's ingenious incorporation of everyday objects into the art exploration process adds a unique touch. This space encourages getting messy and provides ample room for children to explore artistic expression. It stands out as a distinctive venue for early childhood activities, embodying a genuine learning-through-play atmosphere.

Sheryl, parent of M, 3  years old.

Have Questions?

1447 Gerrard Street E


Thanks you for connecting with us. We'll be in touch within two business days!

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