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Not Your Average Sensory Play Materials

Toddler tested and approved!

The mylar blanket is our favourite parachute! Unlike the traditional parachute, the reflective mylar material offers a crisp sound effect that can be as gentle or dramatic as you want. When paired with our favourite LED Rope Light, it provides a magical impression that really draws the children ( and grownups!)'s wonder. We just love this material and we know your child will too!

What's more fun than to play with an everyday object that we never get to touch? The vent hose is one of our favourite toys to connect family & friends through play. Use it as a telephone to pass on a secret message to each other or insert a ball and watch it comes out. Everyone in the family will have a different way to play with this large, flexible and very non-traditional toy. I certainly don't mind the non-daycare style addition in my sitting room that's for sure!

If you're looking for something calm, mesmerizing, easy to store and beautiful for your home then look no further! The Rope Light is best for quiet time ( or when mom needs some quiet time that is!), fussy day, sick day, gloomy day and bedtime routine ( eg. story time). Not only it's beautiful to look at, the rope light is also warm and flexible to touch. *only offer the material when you're available to provide close supervision and play with your child.

We all know how much young children love looking at themselves in the mirror and we love this set for so many reasons! The acrylic mirror is light weight and safe for toddlers to touch (bang?). Best of all, it can be moved around easily to facilitate different ways to play. Pair it with the rope light for tummy time, place it in front of your child's building bocks or use it as a canvas for painting ( just wash it and reuse for next time...your're welcome!).

Check out our Instagram for more pictures and videos for how these materials may be used for sensory play!

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