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Benefits of Classes Outside of the Home

Do you ever find yourself wondering, why would I enrol my child in classes when they’re so young? What’s the point?

Taking learning outside of the home might not be something you’ve considered for your young child.

Here are our top reasons why classes for young children are a great opportunity, for you and your child.

Exposure to New Things

This seems like the most obvious one to me … attending classes outside of the home gives young children access to a wider variety of materials to explore and learn about. These new materials might be things we don’t have at home or opportunities that we don’t feel comfortable offering at home (like messy or sensory play!).

Not only are young children exposed to new materials or activities, so are we, the caregivers! We can learn new skills, gain inspiration and confidence in offering different play opportunities at home.

Connect with Others

Joining a new program is one of the best ways for you and your child to meet new people. Young children greatly benefit from exposure to different languages, cultures, faces, and voices, and the opportunity to witness and build their own relationships with others. By connecting with others we also learn more about ourselves, our tendencies or patterns of behaviour, and values which can strengthen the relationship with our children.

Relationships foster learning for children, so connecting with others is a great way to continue supporting children in their growth and development. This can also support caregivers in areas of play, childhood, and child-rearing that we are unsure about.

Mixed age grouping is also a benefit of partaking in classes outside of the home. Learn more about the benefits of mixed-age learning environments here.

Keeping Children at the Forefront

Programs that are play-based, child-led, and developmentally appropriate (such as ours) are where it’s at. Traditional, widespread programs that we might be familiar with are often adult-led and lack opportunities for children to explore, wonder, and discover in ways that are meaningful to them. Read more about these key elements to young children’s programming on our blog.

All of our programs, including Toddler classes, After-School groups, birthday parties, and family workshops encourage adult participation so that family bonding and learning can continue outside of the home.

Check out our current program offerings. See you soon!

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