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Building Creativity with Process Art

It seems obvious, doesn’t it?

That art and creativity go hand in hand.

Rarely do you hear about one without the other.

Where the magic REALLY happens though, is when the art is process art.

(Need a refresher on what exactly Process Art is? Here’s our blog post all about it.)

Process Art allows the child to really listen to their desires, wonderings, and interests.

Process Art allows the child to experiment freely rather than be restricted by the adult-driven expectations.

Creativity arises from the possibilities available to children.

The colours, surfaces, textures, spaces, positions, combinations…

Let’s look at a couple of examples. Which one do you think is a Process Art invitation and therefore more supportive of children’s creativity?

  1. A child is told to sit at the table. They’re given a colouring sheet and crayons and told to only colour inside the lines.

  2. A child is given access to a variety of art materials such as paper, pastels, paint, glue, beads, pipe cleaners, etc. They can choose what, where, and how they create.

I’m sure you all said, B!

The child is scenario B is not limited by adult-oriented restrictions or unrealistic requirements. They have the freedom to choose materials, tools, locations, and positions which speak to them.

The child with an open-ended, process-oriented art invitation will be able to nurture their creative ideas and follow their own instincts and ideas. And begin to trust those instincts and ideas!

And THAT is where incredible ideas, not to mention an incredible level of self-trust and appreciation, flourish.

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