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Creating Play-Friendly Environments at Home

Let’s create a play space at home!

Play is so important to children’s development, that providing them with the time and space to engage in play is one of the best gifts we can give them.

But don’t worry. Creating a play-friendly environment doesn’t require a large space. Play can happen anywhere!

Here are our top 3 things to consider when creating your play-friendly space at home!


The play space has to work for you and your child. Think about your current play-at-home location. Do you like having this area designated for play? Does your child actually play in that space?

Your home play space will best serve you and your child when it can fit into your everyday life and causes you the least amount of stress. Try to choose a space in your home where you can easily get on with your day while also allowing play to happen. Toys piled up in the kitchen? Probably not stress-free! Wherever it is, make sure it works FOR you, not against you.

2. Make it BEAUTIFUL

Ooh yes, it has to be beautiful! For you and your child. Make this space as aesthetically pleasing as you want. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful and inviting play-space at home:

  • Find a storage system that works for you! Open shelving with baskets are a favourite

  • Keep some things tucked away! Having too many toys is overwhelming for everyone

  • Organize by colour! Follow the rainbow and it’s sure to make you smile

A Note on Materials: The simplest of materials have the most possibilities! Have you heard of loose parts? Children often gravitate towards everyday objects which are staples of loose parts! Check out our other blog post to learn more - these will make your play spaces even more beautiful and powerful!

Pro Tip: Natural light adds a certain ambience and welcoming-feeling to play environments! If you can, make the most of your windows and sunny spots inside.


Your play space needs to be a “yes” space! In a spot and composed of materials that you can easily and confidently say “yes” to. This means:

  • Easily accessible to your child (think low shelves, nothing heavy)

  • Clean-up friendly (your child could tidy up on their own - that’s the goal!)

  • Nothing makes you cringe (everything here is safe for your child and your home)

A Note on Clean-Up: Establishing a clean-up routine takes time. And even once that routine has been established, it may not always happen! Not everyone wants to clean up everyday and that’s okay! Encourage clean-up as best as you can and maybe save a shelf for those “work in progress” pieces that just need to live for another day.

Now you’re ready to create that play-friendly space in your own home! We’d love to see what you put together. Tag us in your photos and be sure to sign up to our newsletter to learn more about play at home.

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