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No distractions, please!

Shhhhh! It’s quiet time.

Anyone else struggle with silence? If it’s quiet, there MUST be something that can be said, right?

Maybe we fill that silence by narrating what’s happening, talking about the weather, or asking questions that we already know the answers to.

There is this assumption that if you aren’t constantly speaking to your child (or children) as a parent or as an educator, then you aren’t doing your job properly. If it’s quiet, then we must be able to fill the silence with an interesting fact or tidbit, or a pop quiz to see just how “smart” our children are.

But what happens when we stop that commentary and those questions from leaking out?

We let the child focus.

We aren’t distracting them from their task or pulling their attention away from their thoughts.

Their train of thought can keep chugging along.

Imagine how you feel when someone interrupts you while you’re working on something. That’s so annoying, right?! But if we can remove those distractions, what happens?

  • The quality of our work improves.

  • Our attention span lengthens.

  • We learn new things

  • We feel a sense of accomplishment.

The same goes for children!

They’re working so hard at understanding the world around them. They are wondering and questioning. And when we interrupt that flow or that focused exploration, the child-driven learning comes to a stop.

And we all know how we feel about child-led learning, don’t we? It’s invaluable!

"Children require long, uninterrupted periods of play and exploration." - Jean Piaget

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