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Process Art and Perfectionism

Written by Ms. Vanessa

“There’s no such thing as perfect.”

A famous saying that we’ve all heard of and try to practice but for some reason, that little perfectionist voice in our heads seems to always get to the best of us, even in the smallest of ways.

Now, would you believe me if I said that Process Art can help you and your little move away from perfectionism?

If you’re wondering how, you’ve come to the right place! And here’s a hint: the answer is in the name.

Process art is an artistic movement that focuses on the process of art-making rather than the final product. It values self-expression and uses materials to create artwork that expresses our inner and outer world. There is no end goal, no pressure to follow any guidelines … Just you, your materials, and your imagination. It is a creative way to help practice intuition by trusting your creative process and letting go of expectations.

Process Art is quite cathartic if you ask me! In a world where we are constantly being forced to fit inside a certain narrative, patterns of perfectionism can slowly begin to develop and cause a lot of stress. This is where practicing Process Art becomes that safe space for your child to be whoever they want to be.

When introducing Process Art to your child, it is important to know that the art-making is child-led. Meaning you, as the parent, are the observer of your child’s creative process. I know it can be hard to resist wanting to “fix” or “help” your child’s creative process but doing so can lead your child to inhabit that perfectionism mentality and can taint their self-trust.

If we can teach our littles that “perfect” doesn’t exist and that all the courage and independent learning they demonstrated is priceless, then let me tell you … Your child will be able to take on the WORLD and will be active lifelong learners.

Fun Fact: Vincent van Gogh believed The Starry Night was a failure because of his perfectionism and today, it is one of the most critically analyzed and appreciated artworks in history. Now that's some food for thought!

To help you and your child start letting go of perfectionism, check out our Let Loose playlist on Spotify! I invite you to have a dance party, wiggle around, get silly, and move your bodies however it feels right. Don't think twice about how you look or how goofy you may seem; your child will admire your confidence and will learn to just go to the beat of their own drum. Afterall, you are their greatest teacher.

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