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Supporting Children's Wellbeing with Process Art & Yoga

Written by: Ms. Vanessa

Two words: Art and Yoga.

For some, the two together may seem random and unrelated. For others, the two together sound like pure magic, and let me tell you why.

Engaging in art allows us to expand our imagination, be innovative thinkers, and self-express during moments where using words may feel difficult. Yoga allows us to tune into our bodies, regulate our nervous system, and learn how to have a moment of calm within our busy minds. Mix the two together and *poof* … you’ve got the cure to all of your troubles.

Maybe not literally, but it sure can feel that way.

“When young children are given rich materials for creative play and art-making, in a safe space that captivates both their minds and bodies, complex learning will happen” - The Creativity Project

Kids Yoga Can Help Your Child Self-Regulate

Kids Yoga helps develop gross motor skills through all the feel-good stretches that we know and love in a way that fosters creative play, such as pretending to be a lion. There is lots of silliness, fun props, singing,

and it gets their wiggling bodies moving.

Through all this movement, children are learning the tools to help them:

1. Have a moment of calm when their emotions run high (even if it’s just for 10 seconds)

2. Build confidence in themselves

3. Improve their self-esteem

4. Develop mindfulness skills

This is all done through the power of silly breathing exercises, imaginative play, and empowering affirmations. Kids yoga teaches valuable lessons that will help your little ones to cope and navigate through tough times while believing that they are resilient.

Process Art Can Build Your Child’s Confidence

Child-led process art can also help children learn how to have those mindful moments and build confidence. When you allow your child to explore different art materials and loose parts freely, you are teaching them that they are capable of facilitating their own learning.

You’d be amazed at what your child can do on their own when you give them the freedom to do so! Your child will naturally become aware of their environment and start to gravitate towards materials that spark their curiosity. They will become determined to find creative ways to play whether it be artistically or scientifically. After all, when we find something that sparks a fire within us, we have a desire to learn everything there is to know about it! Anything is possible when it comes to process art.

Through this, you are building their confidence, bravery, and self-esteem by allowing them to create freely and intuitively!

Kids yoga and process art is a space where children are encouraged to make mistakes and try new things to foster that growth mindset and learn how to make their own choices. The two together pair perfectly like peanut butter and jelly and can help your little one flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and soulfully (the total package!).

Download our freebie for an invitation of mindful creation!

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