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Tips for Communicating During Art Creation

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

other than saying "good job!"

When our children are exploring, testing out new materials, and working on their own ideas, our adult-led dialogue can be useful in highlighting skills we notice the children using.

We might point out what we see them doing, acknowledge that something might be tricky, point out a sound or sight that the child may not have noticed yet, or praise their focus and concentration.

Children’s artwork and creations are magnificent. They tell us a story about the child themselves and how they view their world. As adults, we want to explore that interpretation rather than impose our own onto the child’s work.

Most of all, have fun! Be enthusiastic, congratulatory, and empower our youngest citizens to use their voices through the mediums of art.

Written by Ms. Julie & Ms. Cassidy ( well, mostly by Ms. Julie, haha!)

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